Humans are most impressive when limitations force them to be creative.  All the fear related to trying something new withers in the light of need.

interaction among earthlings relies on input from all of you. Send us your good ideas and great places to shop and eat in your neighborhood and beyond. Please write us at


Here are the three sections where we need your help:

global ideas include creative solutions for solving problems and confronting a large checklist of issues facing us.  Many of the strategies currently listed were originated by artists, and live virtually on the web, then manifest in the tangible world.

street smart starts with our neighborhood in downtown and the east side of Los Angeles, and will expand to any location where you live. The focus is the best and “frugalest” place to shop and eat in the neighborhood, along with mass transit links and recycling needs.

home remedies are kitchen-table ideas for feeling better or being better.  Nothing listed will make you want to start a lawsuit, but special soups, teas or lettuce baths do impress us.

global ideas

street smart

home remedies