Translations of "hobo sign" images

Scott Boberg
Hobo Signs (Nos. 1 – 50)

Row 1
1. Good road to follow
2. Religious talk will get you a free meal
3. These people are rich
4. Camp here
5. You may sleep in the hayloft here
6. Warning: barking dogs
7. House is well-guarded

Row 2
8. This is not a safe place
9. Good food available here, but you have to work for it
10. If you are sick, they’ll care for you here
11. This community is indifferent to a hobo’s presence
12. Authorities are alert: be careful
13. Officer of the law lives here
14. Courthouse, precinct station

Row 3
15. Jail
16. Free telephone
17. Beware of (four) dogs
18. No use going in this direction
19. Dangerous drinking water
20. Doubtful
21. A judge or a magistrate lives here

Row 4
22. Here. This is the place
23. A kind old lady
24. Hit the Road! Quick!
25. A beating awaits you here
26. A trolley stop
27. OK, alright
28. This way

Row 5
29. A gentleman lives here
30. Police frown on hobos here
31. A man with a gun lives here
32. There is nothing to be gained here
33. The road is spoiled with other hobos and tramps
34. Good place to catch a train
35. Hold your tongue

Row 6
36. A crime has been committed here. Not a safe place for strangers.
37. Halt
38. Dangerous neighborhood
39. An ill-tempered man lives here
40. Be prepared to defend yourself
41. A doctor lives here. He wont’ charge for his services
42. Keep quiet

Row 7
43. The owner is in
44. The owner is out
45. There are thieves about
46. A dishonest person lives here
47. An easy mark, a sucker
48. Good place for a hangout
49. There is alcohol in this town
50. Fresh water and a safe campsite